August 1

Music. Girls. Swag. Dreams. Love.

iSing. iRap. iAct. iModel.

Sex with your girl is a PLUS, not a MUST. Remember That !

People who seek L O V E, Don't find it.
Those who don't want it, Have it.
Life is un-fair but we must face it
the way it is . . .

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My “Date” With Chicago (Yes, The City) Was Pretty Dope :’D (Taken with InstaCam)
Double Chocolate Cake ! Ughh, I’m in love ^.^ (Taken with InstaCam)
Crush a bit, Lil’Bit, Roll it up, Take a hit … (Taken with InstaCam)
(Big Sean Voice) I Do It ! ^.^ (Taken with InstaCam)